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Everything you need to know about Bristol City Football Club

Bristol City Football Club is the name of a professional soccer team that currently plays in England. The league that the club plays in is called the Coca-Cola Championship League and it is the second highest division of English soccer. Over the years Bristol City FC have not been the most successful club, but they have still had their fair share of victories over the years. The club itself was founded in 1887 which makes it one of the oldest professional soccer teams in English soccer. The common nickname for Bristol City FC is The Robbins.

Ashton Gate

Ashon Gate is the name of the soccer specific stadium that Bristol City FC play their home games in for the Coca-Cola Championship League. Ashton Gate is a soccer stadium that is capable of holding 21,497 soccer fans at any given time. Ashton Gate itself is located directly in the center of Bristol, England. The stadium is located on the southwest side of the city just south of the Avon River. The average attendance for Bristol City home games at Ashton Gate is 16,466. The stadium was built in 1904 and it is the stadium that Bristol City FC currently play in to this day.

Accomplishments of Bristol City Football Club

Bristol City are one of the lower ranked teams in the English Football System, but they have still had their fair share of accomplishments over the years. For example, in 1934 the club managed to be crowned the champions of the Welsh Cup. They were also able to win the second division title during the 1905-06 season. Bristol City FC also won the Football League Trophy in 1986 and 2003. Their most notable accomplishment was when they reached the final of the FA Cup in 1909.

Bristol City FC Mascot

The mascot of Bristol City FC is currently Scrumpy the Bird who happens to wear a beanie cap to the games. The colors of Bristol City FC are red and white with a small hint of black, at least these are the colors that appear on their jerseys. Puma is the company that is currently responsible for creating the jerseys that Bristol City FC wear in the Coca-Cola Championship League.